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Smart Home Fitness Brand SupeRun and Online Competition Platform PitPat Unite for Easter Million-Dollar Challenge

2024/3/25 23:16:30

HOUSTON, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- If you own any SupeRun smart treadmill, download the PitPat App and sign up for the Easter Challenge on it. The race begins on March 31st at 8:30 PM PST. The champion team wins and shares the $5000 cash prize! The two brands plan to launch a series of related events in the future, with a total prize pool reaching a million dollars.

Easter challenge team battle
Easter challenge team battle

What is PitPat? 

PitPat is the world's largest online race platform, providing fitness services including free membership, free tutorials, training courses, online races, etc. Users can connect through the app to experience a 3D immersive running experience, while enjoying online running competitions with thousands of people.

With innovation in their genes, PitPat fitness puts the user first in all free virtual running apps development. They adhere to fairness and trust, which are the guarantees for all participants who join PitPat. They believe the right culture can gather us and do more meaningful and valuable things together.

Through PitPat, you can experience an immersive running experience. Anytime, anywhere, with just a treadmill and a device, you can be at home, sharing the thrill and joy of exercise with online friends from around the globe. You always have someone exercising with you. Online running events offer you both physical and mental liberation, all while earning rewards.

What is SupeRun?

SupeRun, an emerging fitness brand, is committed to providing a professional treadmill and services for enthusiasts so that every user can enjoy it at home. It currently has the following categories of products for sale: AS02 Folding Treadmill with Incline, BA03 Smart Walking Pad; CT04 Foldable 2 in 1 Treadmill, BA04 Mini Walking Pad Underdesk Treadmill with Remote Control. To learn more, check out SupeRun. 

Learn More about the Easter Million-Dollar Challenge

How to Join?

You can get the entrance ticket with a SupeRun smart treadmill and an account of the PitPat App. Sign-up is available from March 27th, 12 AM to March 31st, 8:29 PM PST. The race begins at March 31st, 8:30 PM PST. For more information, visit: Easter Million-Dollar Challenge. Watch online link.

How to Win? 

The total running distance covered by the whole team within one hour will be the judging criteria. The team with the highest distance will be the winner and get a $5000 cash prize! Race seats are LIMITED (200 participants), and the reward is HUGE ($5000)!

Extra Bonus?

You can also get an extra BONUS by voting for your favorite team on the event page in the PitPat App from March 27th to March 31st. Everyone who makes the right guess wins 35,000 points, which can be used to redeem fitness gifts in the PitPat Points Shop!

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JOYFIT, founded in 2018, is a smart running and fitness brand committed to building the world's largest and best app for indoor running platforms and serving hundreds of millions of app runners online. JOYFIT Fitness adheres to the mission of changing competition forms with technology, adheres to the values of fairness, trust, truth-seeking and innovation, and takes users first as its operational philosophy. JOYFIT is committed to enabling everyone to launch a run app online competition anytime and anywhere and enjoy the charm of competitive competition through intelligent Internet technology.


Author: Aman dayan

Aman dayan

No. 29 Shishan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang, China,Gucheng District,Li_jiang,Yunnan