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Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee's Art Project "ALTERNATIVE-STATE" to Install Its Latest Piece on March 24, 2024

2024/3/18 15:15:41

BEPPU, Japan, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- 

- Aiming to Create 8 Artworks over 4-year Period -

The "Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee" based in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, southeastern Japan, is installing four new artworks by March 2024 in "ALERNATIVE-STATE," an art project that started in 2022 to enhance the city's brand loyalty. Installing art pieces throughout the city, ALTERNATIVE-STATE invites artists from all over the world, from virtuosos to the up-and-coming, to participate in its goal of installing eight works of art in a four-year period.

As one of the world's leading hot spring resorts, Beppu not only boasts a unique culture centered around hot spas, and with them the evocative image of steam rising mysteriously from the earth, but also is proving itself a hub in the art world, with both local and overseas artistic endeavors gaining steady attention. The combination of these two points of appeal -- natural hot springs and the world of art -- makes Beppu a truly unique travel destination.

Latest artworks
#1 Onsenbouquet / Michael Lin:

A colorful piece that jumps into view as visitors exit Beppu Station. This mural, which decorates the walls of the long-established cinema Bluebird Kaikan, was inspired by the patterns found on a Japanese "yukata" (light-weight, cotton kimono).

# 3 Botanic GENKI-RO / Takashi Kuribayashi:

This botanical garden-type artwork will be completed in March 2024 in the Kannawa district -- known for its abundant steam towers rising from the earth. Plants brought in by local residents will be grown inside the artwork.

#6 Watertower 10: Beppu City, 2023 / Tom Fruin:

This work by Tom Fruin (born in Los Angeles) uses a water tower as its motif. The stained glass-like sections are made from recycled acrylic waste collected in the area. The lights are switched on from sunset until 11 p.m.

#8 Les Anges de Beppu / SARKIS:

Installed upon the roof of the Amanek Hotel, this artwork features rainbow-colored feathers gradually emerging as the sun sets. The colors fade and reappear in sync with the rhythm of the artist's own breathing.

About Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Beppu is home to a number of additional art spots dotted throughout the town. What's more, every autumn Beppu not only hosts Art Fair Beppu, where visitors have the chance to meet up-and-coming artists, but also Beppu Art Month -- a cultural art festival that takes place all over the city. A truly unique combination of hot springs and art, no trip to Kyushu would be complete without a visit to Beppu.


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Beppu Art Month 

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Author: Aman dayan

Aman dayan

No. 29 Shishan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang, China,Gucheng District,Li_jiang,Yunnan