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Janu Tokyo Now Open

2024/3/14 17:16:29

TOKYO, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Janu's inaugural hotel, Janu Tokyo, is now open, marking the inception of a robust and expanding pipeline of 12 properties. Reshaping the luxury hospitality landscape, Janu draws from the legacy of its revered sibling, Aman, while charting its own unique course with an innovative and inspiring vision. In harmony with Aman yet offering a distinctive touch, Janu radiates an uplifting spirit and playful design narrative, in contrast to the serene tranquillity and calming zen for which Aman is renowned. Put simply, if Aman is sanctuary, then Janu is connection. The launch of Janu Tokyo solidifies Aman Group's position as the pinnacle of ultra-luxury hospitality and lifestyle experiences.

At the heart of Azabudai Hills, a dynamic new neighbourhood created and managed by Japan's leading developer, Mori Building Co. Ltd., Janu Tokyo enhances the experience of both its guests and the local community through enriching moments that celebrate the joy of genuine human interaction. A fitting flagship, Janu Tokyo introduces 122 guest rooms and suites, eight venues for dining and socialising, and a 4,000 sqm spa and wellness centre to a landmark building designed by visionary architects Pelli Clarke & Partners and interiors by Jean Michel Gathy of Denniston.

"The opening of Janu Tokyo solidifies Aman Group's status as the unrivalled emblem of ultra-luxury hospitality," says Vlad Doronin, Chairman and CEO at Aman Group. "Aman has always epitomised luxury hospitality, with devoted guests at its heart, who repeatedly journey through our constellation of hotels and resorts. Now, as we introduce Janu Tokyo, we are heralding a new era. The strategic decision to launch Janu reflects our commitment to evolving alongside the desires of today's dynamic travellers, particularly the offspring of Aman loyalists, the rising Amanjunkies, who seek uplifting experiences and authentic human connections. Janu Tokyo promises to be the epicentre of this transformative movement, welcoming a new cohort of guests."

The first in a 12-strong pipeline for the brand, Janu Tokyo represents an energising new chapter in the evolution of luxury hospitality, where innovation meets tradition, and guests are invited to embark on a transformative journey of discovery, connection, and renewal.



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Author: Aman dayan

Aman dayan

No. 29 Shishan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang, China,Gucheng District,Li_jiang,Yunnan